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The Repeal the Eighth campaign has been one of the most prominent political campaigns in Ireland over the last few years. The Eighth Amendment affects every Irish woman. It states that the life of a pregnant woman and the life of a foetus are equal, meaning that, in the eyes of the state, a woman is equal to an embryo. The Eighth Amendment is taking a basic human right, the right to choose what she does with her own body, from every woman in Ireland. World Health Organisation, Amnesty International and the United Nations Committee have all stated that abortion is a human right yet currently in Ireland, abortion is a criminal offence. In this country, a woman taking her bodily autonomy and healthcare into her own hands can land her in prison.

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Women worldwide get abortions every day for many different reasons. These reasons range from crisis pregnancies to physical/mental health issues. The reasons a woman seeks out abortion services are nobody’s business but the woman herself. Abortions are always going to happen. Thousands of Irish women travel abroad each year for abortions and keeping the Eighth Amendment in place is not going to stop them from doing so. Removing the Eighth Amendment from the Irish constitution is also not going to make more women start getting abortions. Repealing the Eighth is about allowing the women who need abortions get them safely, in their own country, without feeling as if they are being sent away in shame and secrecy, or resorting to dangerous pills ordered from the Internet. Repealing the Eighth is about allowing women to access the proper aftercare after the medical procedure, rather than being forced to possibly suffer, both mentally and physically, in silence.

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The Eighth Amendment affects all forms of maternity rights, not just abortion. It means a woman does not have to give consent for any procedure during labour, meaning women in labour or undergoing prenatal care are often forced to undergo procedure without any information being provided to them or consent being given. The Eighth amendment does not just affect women who need abortions, it affects any woman who finds herself pregnant, regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned.

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Earlier this year, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced that there would be a referendum on the Eighth Amendment in 2018. It is so important that all of our Nine Crows customers have their say. This is an issue which affects all of us and an issue which needs to be solved. 

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In order to vote for a referendum you must be registered to vote. If you’re not sure if you’re registered, you can check if you’re on or by visiting any Local Authority office, Garda station, Post office or library in the country or you can also ring your local council.

If you’re not already registered, you need to do so by 31st of October 2017. You have to fill out this RFA form and deliver it to your local council. 

If there’s a problem or you miss the 31st of October deadline, you can fill out this RFA1 form and deliver it to your local council by November 25th.

The register of electors is published on February 1st and comes into effect February 15th. If you turn 18 on or before polling day you are eligible to be included on the register provided you fill out the RFA form before the dates mentioned above.

If you’re a student living away from home you can choose to be registered form your home address or your student address!  

Let’s come together and use our voices to make a change and improve the lives of women in this country.

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For more information on registering to vote check out
For more information on the Repeal the Eighth campaign check out

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