5 Ways to Wear the Floral Halter

Our floral halters are our number one must-have item for summer! These babies are seriously versatile, whether it's festivals, day trips or nights out with the girls, the floral halter is always sure to have you slaying! Here's our top five ways to style these cuties. 


Floral halters are SUCH a festival essential! For an easy but cute festival look, rock your halter with a pair of cute pants and some of your fave accessories. Check out our gal Ami totally nailing the festibabe look in this pic! 



Sometimes you just can't beat a classic! Pair your floral halter with a pair of vintage Levi shorts and some cute sunnies for the perfect summer look! Click the links below this pic to shop the look. 



Halters don't have to be for a special occasion! For a more casual look, pair your halter with a pair of jeans and a cute leather jacket. We love pairing similar colours together as shown here on our fab model. 



One of our personal fave ways to wear our halters! Going full glam with these babies is so easy too, all you need is a leather skirt and some fab accessories and you're good to go! 



You might not be able to count on the sun making an appearance this summer but you can guarantee that the boho trend will come around! Get ahead of the crowd and pair your floral halter with a suede skirt and a cute bag for the perfect boho babe look!


Ciara x 
May 08, 2018 by Ciara Moran

Our Top 8 Reasons to Buy Vintage

With so many places for us to be spending our hard earned cash, why should we choose to spend our money on vintage? Here's our top eight reasons why vintage trumps high street!

It’s Environmentally Friendly:

In an age where many of us live a fast paced life style and give in to the trend of even faster fashion, it’s important to take a step back and look at how our shopping choices can affect our planet. In an article by Lucy Siegle for Huffington Post, Siegle claims, “If we think of a hierarchy of ethical ways of dressing, vintage should be near the top.”

For example, one third of all denim products are manufactured in Xintang, China. It takes approximately 1,600 gallons of water to make a single pair of denim jeans, as well as a huge array of seriously harmful chemicals, dyes, and processes. Due to this huge scale production of denim in Xintang, 80% of its water is polluted. So, by shopping vintage you are choosing not only to brighten up your wardrobe with some seriously sick threads - you are also choosing to support a more sustainable way of shopping.

An example of the level of water pollution in Xintang. (Photo from www.greenpeace.com)

Everything You Find Is Utterly Unique:

When buying vintage not only are you consciously deciding to rebel against the fast fashion industry, you are also sure to find some absolute treasures. From those gorgeous gold buttons to that stunning scalloped collar, it’s all in the details ladies! So when choosing to buy vintage you can rest assured that you will never walk into a room to find someone wearing the same thing as you are.

Quality Over Quantity:

“Vintage” is a term coined for clothing that is twenty to eighty years old, and for the most part, clothing during these eras were produced on a much smaller scale. These were times when clothing was made to last, a time where people spent much more on small amounts of clothing. Nowadays clothing is inexpensive to produce and rarely inexpensive to own, so when buying vintage a shopper has the chance to experience truly well constructed garments at non-luxury brand prices. The quality of vintage clothing is truly unmatched by todays contemporary brands.

Our style icons Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen rocking some gorgeous vintage pieces. (Photo from www.pinterest.com

 You’re Buying A Piece Of History:

One of the most exciting things about shopping vintage is often imagining the stories behind each unique piece you find. Unlike fast fashion brands where a garment is constructed, transported and shelved; vintage pieces have often seen life, good and bad, and manage to come out as beautiful as ever at the end of it. Whether it’s a varsity tee with a students nametag stitched into the neckline, or your mother claiming “I had so many of those shell jackets back in my day!” the stories are endless. Shopping vintage is buying history, art, and the stories of those who have come before us.

It Is A Completely Unique Shopping Experience:

If you’re already an experienced vintage shopper, you’ll know that shopping vintage is an experience unrivaled by any high street store. Whether it’s a vintage store, a flea market or an online seller- it’s all about the hunt! You never know what you’ll find when rummaging through rails and rails of stunning vintage pieces! And if you’re not particularly familiar with shopping vintage, we can say without hesitation that it is an extremely enjoyable experience full of fun and surprises.

Our gorgeous treasure trove in Galway.

You’re Often Supporting Small Businesses:

In such a trying economic environment, it’s time to consider where our hard earned cash is being spent. When you buy vintage not only are you getting an incomparable shopping experience, you are also more often than not supporting small business owners. It is hard to comprehend the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating a small business from the ground up, so why not support them, eh?

Nine Crows founders Emma Fraser & Dean McDaid 
(Photo from www.totallydublin.ie)

An Unparalleled Selection Of Stock:

Another amazing aspect to consider when buying vintage is the HUGE variety of stock that most vintage suppliers carry. Due to the diverse nature of most vintage stock, it is a shopping experience that can be enjoyable for any age. You are sure to find the perfect clobber for any occasion be it a festival, a wedding, after work drinks, or even a great gift for your granny!

Throwback to our mega cute 2016 festival look book.

The Vintage Community:

While this cannot be assumed of every vintage retailer, our experience has shown that the over all vibe and atmosphere of most vintage stores is relaxing, inviting and friendly. One of our favourite things about perusing vintage is the lovely people we meet along the way! Whether they’re professional retailers or a car boot salesman, you’re sure to be welcomed with a big friendly smile, followed by cute chats and excellent customer service.

A few members of the Nine Crows family.

Article by Kaitlyn Burke.



May 01, 2018 by Kaitlyn Burke
90s Vibes

90s Vibes

We've been all about those 90s vibes here at Nine Crows HQ lately and our latest stock drop is absolute 90s GOALS! We've put together a little Get The Look guide featuring some of our fave 90s trends/style icons  and Nine Crows pieces to give you guys some outfit inspo. Check out our picks below, happy shopping! 
The Slip Dress 

Photo from instyle.co.uk

A simple slip over a plain t-shirt is one of the classic 90s outfits, as modelled above by the Queen that is Rachel Green, and we've got you covered here at Nine Crows with this stunning little slip. 

Black Pleated Crepe Slip Dress

The Denim 

Photo from anothermag.com                Photo from vogue.com               Photo from cosmopolitan.com 

When you think 90s you think denim and our stock is full of dreamy little denim numbers, including these fab Winona-lookalike mom jeans, cute little denim dresses and dungarees that'll have you looking like Rachel Green in no time. 

Mom Jeans                Dungarees                 Dress               Two Piece 

The Oversized Shirt

Photo from pinterest.com

Any one with an ounce of style in the 90s owned an oversized shirt, preferably with a funky print, and we have PLENTY in stock for all you stylish gals. Grab a shirt, layer it over one of our sports tee's and you'll fit right in at a 90s rave scene. 

Blue & Green Shirt                Sheer Glam Print Shirt 

The Sporty Babe

Photo from buzzfeed.com

Kate Moss is looking absolute sporty babe GOALS in this pic and also like she's walked straight out off the Nine Crows website. We have loads of fab pieces to help you get the athletic vibe including our classic shell jackets and gorge little sport shorts. You'll be looking like The Moss in no time.

Adidas Shell Jacket               Sporty Crop Top                Nike Shorts

The Glasses 

Photo from hypebeast.com 

One of the most iconic images from the 90s is Kurt Cobain with his glasses and we've got identical ones in stock here at Nine Crows! Whether you want the classic black or some funky lenses, we've got them all online.

Orange Lense Kurt Glasses                   All Black Kurt Glasses

The Tartan Skirt 

Photo from wheretoget.it 

Rachel Green in her cream jumper and tartan skirt was one of the most wanted outfits of the 90s and we have the perfect skirt in stock for you to get her look! Pair it with a cute knit and some knee high socks and you're good to go. 

Classic Tartan Skirt                Red Tartan Skirt 

The Tied Crop Top 

Photo from pinterest.com 

Drew Barrymore is one of our favourite 90s babes here at Nine Crows HQ and we have the perfect little crop top to help achieve her look. Wear it with a pair of our printed trousers for ultimate 90s Drew vibes.  


The Ultimate Icon
Photo from schuelove.com    Photo from whowhatwear.com   Photo from popsugar.com    Photo from manrepeller.com 

In our eyes, the biggest 90s style icon will forever be Kelly Kapowski. There wasn't a girl in the 90s who didn't want Kelly's wardrobe (or her boyfriend) and here at Nine Crows we have PLENTY of Kelly-inspired pieces to help you live out your childhood fashion dreams. Channel major Kelly vibes in one of our printed dresses or two pieces, or rock a pair of our printed shorts for a very Kapowski-esque look. Maybe you can't choose between Kelly or her Saved by the Bell castmates, if so, get 'so excited' for a Jessie-inspired headscarf or a tie-dye shirt a la Lisa Turtle. And becuase our Irish summers are usually more dreary than dreamy, cosy up in one of our cute printed cardigans, just like Kelly (unfortunately you have to find your own Zack Morris).


Floral Dress               Floral Two Piece                Printed Shorts 

Headscarf                Tie Dye Tee               Printed Cardigan 
Ciara x 
March 27, 2018 by Ciara Moran


So after months and months of day dreaming of nothing but sunny festival days, festival season is finally JUST around the corner! We're so excited that we decided to share our top five festival trend picks with you guys and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own fab festiGAL outfits! We can't wait to boogie the nights away at our favourite festivals this Summer.


1. The Glam Festigal

If you're a gal that is all about GLAMOUR but still isn't afraid to rough it at a camping festival, then you seriously NEEEED these absolutely stunning outfits. Our reworked deep v blouses and deep v halters can be worn with literally ANYTHING so they are perfect for festival season! Nothing says festival glam like this uhhhmazing Louis Vuitton deep v halter top and D&G belt which are both available in our Temple Bar store! Can anyone say festiGLAM goals? You'll be sure to turn some heads if you wear these outfits at Electric Picnic or Forbidden Fruit this Summer.


2. The Boho Festigal

A trend that you are sure to see at every festival this Summer, the boho trend is here to stay! Nothing says BOHO BABE like some killer crochet, some delightful denim and our hot halters which are reworked right here in our Dublin offices! These pieces are crazily versatile, they can be worn with pretty much anything from shorts to skirts to jeans! Wear these beautiful boho outfits at Body & Soul or Longitude and you are sure to be absolute festiGOALS.

3. The Grunge Festigal

 The grunge gal style will forever and always be such a key festival festival trend! We're loving these gorgeous grunge and equally effortless outfits. We have tonnes of band tee's, Levi's and fringed pieces online and in store - we swear by these when festival season comes around! Pair yours with your favourite pair of Levi's, or under your grungiest 90's dress to achieve ultimate GRUNGE GAL GOALS. Rock the trend at Castlepalooza or Indiependance and you're sure to look fab af while you frolic freely surrounded by beautiful festival vibes.

4. The Sporty Festigal

One of our all time favourite festival trends is the SPORTY festigal! You'll be so insanely cute and cosy rocking these sports pieces. You'll be able to dance your cute lil butts off all night long in these super cute and equally as comfy branded bits! We've got plenty of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and Asics online and in store to keep all you modern day Sporty Spices looking HOT AF all festival season long! Bop the night away at Life Festival or A.V.A Festival in these stunning sporty garms.

5. The Hippy Festigal

The hippy trend at festivals has become more and more popular in recent years, nothing says festiGAL quite like these fab 70's hippy inspired lace up pieces! Can we have a minute for these STUNNING lace up tie dye pants and for that gorgeous lace up blouse? You'll be sure to look HOT AS HELL in these beautiful bits. These are all available on our website! Be a babin' hippy beauty in these pieces at Body & Soul or Fuinneamh Festival this summer.

 Blog by Kaitlyn Burke.

May 12, 2017 by Kaitlyn Burke