Our Top Ten Irish Girl Crushes on Instagram

Today we got together and created this weeks list of our Top Ten Irish Girl Crushes
 on Instagram. What better way to make a Monday more bearable?
Go follow or you'll be sure to miss out!

1. Deirdre Fitzgerald


2. Tar Mar

3. Emma Louise Tighe

4. Jess Brennan

5. Aisling Chan

6. Lauren Sullivan 

7. Linda Smyth

8. Shannon Nolan

9. Andrea Horgan

10. Roberta Hatton


Lots of love always,



July 27, 2015 by Katie Mc Laughlin Robinson

20 Instagram accounts you should be following in 2015

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Some new brand product character designs

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November 30, 2014 :: Repost from @montanaefaw - Happy #SelfieSunday

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January 02, 2015 by Dean McDaid