Nine Crows Spotlight - Aisling Kelly

Nine Crows Spotlight - Aisling Kelly

For this week's Spotlight we met us with mega-talented Make Up Artist Aisling Kelly. Follow this Instaqueen's personal and professional profiles to keep up to date with her work and style!

Describe your personal style.
Oversized. Practical. Glitter but also goth. Usually combining elements of different subcultural styles and always with a touch of gold jewellery.

What ignited your love of make-up in fashion?
Seeing Pat McGrath’s early work with John Galliano in fashion magazines at a young age sparked my now undying love for theatrical fashion and editorial makeup. To me she is the most important pioneer of makeup design and innovation in the fashion world.

What has been the pinnacle of your career so far?
I’ve just finished designing and directing my first short film, which I’m exhibiting next month and am really proud of. It’s definitely my biggest achievement and the beginning of the next exciting chapter of my career. As well as that, it’s been amazing seeing my editorial makeup work reach magazines worldwide as well as in shop windows home in Dublin.

What are your five beauty staples that everyone should have in the day-to-day make up kit?
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream!! La Roche-Posay 50+ Anthelios XL Sun Protection. Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Water. Witch Hazel. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. Sorry that’s mostly skincare but truussss me, once you take care of your skin it’ll cut your makeup routine time in half.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Hopefully happier and healthier, travelling the world working with other creative people. Surrounded by cats.

What are you most looking forward this Summer?
I have a couple of really exciting design jobs lined up which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll also be finished my degree so I’m looking forward to sleeping!! As well as that I have tickets for lots of music festivals and gigs so I can’t wait to pardyyyy.

If you could choose one song to be the soundtrack to your Summer what would it be?
At the moment it has to be ‘One Dance’ from Drake’s latest album * insert three fire emoji’s *

We asked Aisling to choose her Top Five Favourite pieces from our website! 

May 12, 2016 by Katie Mc Laughlin Robinson

Five Ways to Wear the Famous Deep V

We've been finding it hard to keep our deep v blouses in store and online, thanks to all our lovely customers. Our ever famous shirts are a beautiful piece that you can wear in numerous ways. An ideal component for both nights on the tiles and chill days when all you want is something slouchy. We've got some of our favorite Instagram girls that have sported the Deep V look by incorporating their own individual style as well as a few innovative looks that we've come up with all on our own.


hancxbb wears the sleeveless deep v for a casual but chic look. This look can be worn with anything from ripped jeans to a maxi skirt. I've linked a similar deep v blouse that we've got on our website right now! Get yours before they're all gone. 

Wearing the Deep V over a bralet with a bold belt creates shape at the waist and transforms this look into something very different.  

Aisling Chan goes for the classic Deep V ensemble. This is one of our favorites, simply wrap the top around each side and pull it tight at the back and front. We've got a simple hack for you in order to create this look perfectly, use a little of double sided sticky tape on both sides of your chest if you're in fear of the almighty nip-slip.

We LOVE how our gal Roberta has created this lazy hazy Sunday look with our striped number. By pairing the Deep V with casual baggy jeans and rolling up the sleeves you can completely transform the garment!

And finally here I am. I tend to wear the Deep V as a simple kimono, it's comfy, adds color and looks great! 

As you can see our trademark item is so versatile! Get yours... 

August 25, 2015 by Katie Mc Laughlin Robinson

Nine Crows x Vodafone Centre Stage at Castlepalooza

Well it's now Friday and we've just recovered from our incredible weekend at Castlepalooza Festival. On their website they promised us "great music; merriment; magic; madness and mind-blowing memories" all of which are something we definitely gained throughout the course of the weekend. 

The festival has enough going on to not be twiddling your thumbs by day three however is small enough to not be trudging through miles of muddy ground by day one. Charleville Castle in Tullamore seen below is the perfect setting for such a home grown affair where you'd expect fairies to be seen coming out of the woodwork. 


All the enchanted festival goers' ears were pleased by the fantastic music that was supplied all weekend by the guys in Vodafone Centre Stage. Our highlight of the weekend was Hercules & Love Affair who played an amazing set on Saturday night. Jape also absolutely killed it leaving us dancing for hours post-gig. 

Thanks to the lovely staff in the Vodafone Charging Hub Nine Crows owners Emma and Dean were able to snap some of the more memorable moments of the weekend on their phones. 

There was something really special about the costume shop that Vodaphone set-up at Castlepalooza. Hand-picked vintage straight from the 90s made all our vintage dreams come true. We even had to pick up a few lovely pieces that you'll be sure to see us in. 

And we spotted some seriously well dressed festival goers throughout the duration of the weekend. Here's a fews pics we got...


All in all we had an amazing weekend and all of us here in Nine Crows are super excited for next year. 

Lots of love,
August 07, 2015 by Katie Mc Laughlin Robinson

Nine Crows August Must-Goes

After having had a long hard summer of fun we've decided to supply you with a few destinations that we think are a must in order to end the sunny season with a cherry on top. When choosing our top picks we kept all of your lovely selves in mind, letting your cute quirks influence the destinations. So where do we think you could have the time of your life and leave crying because you "DON"T WANNA GO HOME"?

Ibiza Closing Parties

The legendary closing parties are something that I've been longing to attend all summer. Although renowned for their pricey costs I'm sure the sun (something that all of us in Ireland have been lacking) and fun would be totally worth it. The music is great, the beaches are fab. Why not go?
Here's our gal Jolene looking like a goddess last year.


This city has been on the 'cool radar' for years. The holiday hot spot has something for anyone and everyone. If you're one to enjoy a gallery gawk and a boogie on down then this city is most definitely for you. Options are endless. Book a flight, enjoy.
Here we have Aisling Egan out and about the city in all its glory.


A smaller, brighter, cheaper and less intimidating London. This city's been buzzing since Fat Boy slim rocked its beaches in the early 2000s. Brighton's Pride festival is one of the best in the UK, it may be over but no doubt it's vibe continues. You're sure to enjoy yourself. Here's @eotin in Brighton earlier this summer. 


It seems everyone I know has been, is in, or is going to Thailand. It's definitely become the summer hotspot where you're sure to bump into 50 odd people from times gone by. Nevertheless, you will laugh, dance and undoubtedly sing your hearts out as 90s Spice Girls as it's boomed across the sound system. Along with all that, theres beautiful beaches and delicious cocktails. Do it and let me know how you get on! 
Expect gorgeous views if you decide to venture afar.
Here's a snap our co-owner Emma took while she was on a buying trip!
Electric Picnic 

If like me you're a sucker for lazing around a dirty campsite with all of your 'bestos' then I'd recommend Electric Picnic for sure. This one ends festival season with a bang. The acts are always sensational. What makes this festival even more of a must is it's small Body & Soul section, since B&S in June I've been longing for something to compare to the atmosphere and I'm sure that this will. I guarantee you an amazing weekend, if not I owe you 20 favors. 

Lots of Love,

Katie x

<3 <3 
August 05, 2015 by Katie Mc Laughlin Robinson

Our Top Ten Irish Girl Crushes on Instagram

Today we got together and created this weeks list of our Top Ten Irish Girl Crushes
 on Instagram. What better way to make a Monday more bearable?
Go follow or you'll be sure to miss out!

1. Deirdre Fitzgerald


2. Tar Mar

3. Emma Louise Tighe

4. Jess Brennan

5. Aisling Chan

6. Lauren Sullivan 

7. Linda Smyth

8. Shannon Nolan

9. Andrea Horgan

10. Roberta Hatton


Lots of love always,



July 27, 2015 by Katie Mc Laughlin Robinson