Woman Power Wednesday: Tara Stewart

Woman Power Wednesday: Tara Stewart

This week for Woman Power Wednesday we chatted to the impossibly cool Tara Stewart. Tara is an Australian gal, now based in Dublin, and is your go-to girl for anything to do with music. Tara bounces between working as a music journalist, a radio presenter and a DJ. We caught up with Tara to chat all things music, enjoy! 

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-You have a really varied career; radio presenter, DJ and music journalist, how did you get started?

That's a very long one to answer! I've been playing music since I was 8 or 9 years old, I played the saxophone, flute and guitar and studied music throughout high school. When I finished school I wanted to make it in the lights as a musician and I moved to Ireland from a small town in Australia to pursue that. After a few years of highs and lows I kind of fell out of love doing that side of music. My early twenties were really hard because I was in a new country, trying to build a life and a career while working in hospitality full time, needing to afford rent, bills etc and also put money into music. So a few years ago I decided to put that side of me on the shelf and get into radio. I love to talk and love music so I thought it would be the perfect job lol. I sent in a really bad demo to a small training radio station, but they gave me a shot to work on my craft. Then after a few months I sent a demo into RTE and Adam Fogarty the station editor of the RTE digital stations 2XM and Pulse gave me a shot and I got my first show on a Thursday night. From there, he kept pushing me and helping me work on becoming a better presenter. Then I got another shot on Tracy Clifford's show on 2FM as a new music contributor. I would come in to RTE any spare time I had and would come in before and after my cafe job just so I can learn more, get more experience and meet people. I never went to college to so I had to learn from the ground up. While working my way into 2FM I was also working full-time in hospitality. A year and a few months ago I stopped working in that job and it was a really hard time. I didn't have a stable job to support me while trying to graft my way up the radio ladder. But at the same time it was the best thing for me, because I was more flexible and available so I started to get more work in radio. Now I can afford to pay my rent, bills and a few wines on what I earn so that feels good tbh. In regards to DJing, last year I was doing a good few club gigs here and there to get my name out there more and earn a bit more cash moneyz. I basically wrote to bookers I knew and said yo gimme a shot, I play deadly tunes. Then this year I've been lucky enough to have been booked for pretty much every Irish festival. 

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-Has music always been your passion in life?

100% I love music so much. I was brought up on so many musical styles from Elvis Presley on my dad's side and Joni Mitchell on my mum's side. Even though I don't really write music anymore, I still am able to release my passion for music when I'm DJing. I really love playing songs people love and can dance to.

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-Do you think there's a strong female presence in the Irish music industry?

I think there is now yes. There are a lot of female women killing it in radio right now and in the music world as singers and musicians. 

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-What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far? 

That's a hard one because I don't even feel like I've achieved a quarter of what I want to in my career yet. But, in saying that, my radio highlight would have to be interviewing TLC, Shania Twain, Faith Evans, Jojo and En Vogue. They're legends I grew up listening to. DJ wise, my highlight would have to be playing Forbidden Fruit and Longitude Festival, those two gigs were so much fun.

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-What women inspire you? 

My mam firstly. She's an amazing woman and although I probably still wreck her head at 27 she's the best. Missy Elliott, she's just a legend. Emma Fraser, I've seen her grow two amazing business over the years and I'm a very proud friend. Tracy Clifford, she's been my mentor in radio since I started and she's helped me so much along the way. Shania Twain, that bish has been through some mental shit in her career and personal life, from her husband cheating with her best mate to having lyme's disease and losing her voice, and she's still killing it. 

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December 27, 2017 by Ciara Moran
Nine Crows Spotlight - Tara Stewart

Nine Crows Spotlight - Tara Stewart

This week in our Nine Crows we speak to radio presenter, dj, musician and pink enthusiast Tara Stewart. You can catch her chatting and spinning tunes on her show Poptarts Thursdays at 7pm-9pm on RTE 2XM, djing some of Dublin's coolest parties or just rummaging through charity shops, coffee in hand.

Tara Stewart Instagram Photos

Describe your style in one sentence.
Missy Elliot meets Iris Apfel or Tomboy meets OTT glam.

When did your love of fashion begin?
From when I was about 14? I didn't have a clue about fashion when I was very young! But my father was very much into style and got me into it. It wasn't until I moved from Australia to Dublin 5 years ago, then I became more confident to play with clothes and I've definitely come into my own in the last few years. I think a huge part of this is the fact that I started to make friends with deadly people that were confident and encouraged me to step out of my shell. If you know me you'd know my shell is very much nowhere to be found now haha.

How did you get into radio presenting?  
I applied to a digital station called FRQ at the start of 2015 and just sent in a demo I made in my wardrobe. I'd say if I listened back to it now I'd have some serious fear! I presented 2 shows a week, it was a great way for me to learn and develop my presenting style in a proper radio environment. After about 9 months I sent a demo to RTE digital radio and got a show on RTE 2XM. Since starting in RTE I've learnt and am still learning so much, especially because the team I work with are so amazing and helpful.

Who are your favourite style icons?
Iris Apfel would have to be my top style icon, Lil Kim, then there is my ultimate hero Missy Elliot especially during the 90s to early 00s.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself being 30 and having no excuse for not being about to save money! I love charity shopping, and as much as this is a more affordable way to shop for fab clothes, my problem is, I do it all the time....so I end up spending small bits of money on loads of clothes. I hope I'll be moving my way up in the radio world and doing bigger live dj gigs. I'm only new to djing although I've been playing music for years, so it's a new world to me. I also see myself travelling more, because of all that money I plan on saving in the next 5 years.

Why do you think Dublin's fashion scene is growing so rapidly?
I'm so excited at whats happening with the fashion scene in Dublin. It's come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years I've been living here. I see so many kids wearing clothes I would not have had the courage to wear as a teen and I think that's unreal. I think it's growing more and more, firstly because younger people are becoming more confident with expressing themselves with style. I don't believe in people not being able to 'pull something off', if you want to pull it off, pull it off. And so many more people are wearing clothes with this mentality, in my opinion. I'm not just saying this, but NINE CROWS is playing a huge part in growing the Dublin fashion scene. NC is all about being yourself and being a flamingo not a pigeon.

Where are your favourite places to shop?
NINE CROWS, Dublin Vintage Factory, Topshop for jeans, St Vincent de Paul and ASOS.

Where is your favourite spot to hang out in Dublin?
Oh I have a few, for coffee I love Coffee Angel, breakfast in Yogism, lunch in Kokoro, Pepper Pot, Fumbally. Going out would be Bingo in The George, The Sugar Club and The Workmans when everything else is closed.

We asked Tara to pick 6 of her favourite products from Nine Crows, we've linked them below, if the product sells the item will be gone so get in their quick!

1. Metallic Faux Snakeskin Biker Jacket
2. Orange Puffa Jacket
3. Pink Silk Halter
4. Blue Adidas Tee
5. Red Leather Coat
6. Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses

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April 24, 2016 by Dean McDaid